09:05am 04/22/2009

  • 05:33 FYI, drunk + IRC = no. Sigh. Especially watching 8 hours of 'omg lol i'm drunk and can't type and am drunk'. #

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09:04am 04/21/2009

  • 02:11 Sweet sweet coffee. Long work is long. DOL, SS Office, and my office of employement tomorrow if i'm motivated. Name change boogie. #

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09:03am 04/17/2009

  • 15:10 Manual car + rush hlour traffic being hours early = :( #

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09:03am 04/16/2009

  • 06:00 It's my Friiiidaaaay. Took SO MUCH caffiene to make it through my shift. A double, cuppa black, a triple, lots of green tea, 2 caffeinepills #

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09:03am 04/15/2009
  • 11:41 Bryan's new name is Nolan Brock Hammer. Just FYI #
  • 06:48 Hmm. Apparently as of yesterday Bressler is working @ MS in my building 'testing stuff'... #
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09:02am 04/10/2009
  • 14:11 Hmm, I saw an @celebnaur on MS Millenium campus as I was leaving work this morning. Perhaps a school trip? #
  • 15:01 Productive day. Bought garden tools, new tea cup, grocery shopped, pruned the hell out of monster rhododendron. Showered, now sleep time! #
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09:07am 04/09/2009
  • 09:27 Dear my iron levels: Please be higher, I want to feed the vampires w #
  • 22:35 Stressed. Wish i had remembered or been reminded of Whym, don't want to do SC this weekend, want technicalities cleared up. #
  • 23:37 @ningauble If you sign into my account as well, you should be able to play the full version #
  • 23:44 @TychoBrahe Intriguing. I do hope you use a french press with the results. #
  • 23:53 Tired and grumpy, lacking decent food and any caffeine. #
  • 23:53 @Shoat Happy birthdizzle, sorry I'm dumb and did not attend your celebration. #
  • 00:00 @chiparoo Can your brother and I have a Maple Leaf Rag-off? :D #
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09:02am 04/08/2009
  • 22:34 A wild @ningauble appears. ITEM #
  • 08:54 That's what I get for listening to 106.1 Just got major spoilers from the recent House I haven't watched yet. #
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11:46pm 06/20/2008
mood: stressed
Summary is mid-20's life crisis. Guess I just couldn't wait until my 40s. Much changes, more to be posted later. I need a more appropriate icon. 
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10:54am 05/10/2008
mood: geeky
My nerdity is complete, and may never be surpassed again in my lifetime.

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04:23pm 03/04/2008
mood: crushed
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Things that make my brain abandon me   
11:23am 01/14/2008

Not even halfway through did I have a migraine. It's extremely obvious he's never seen or played the game. Because before you even start any actual game play, you go through character creation, in which you can only adjust facial features, skin tone and hair color. Within actual gameplay, there are 3 romantic sub-plots, maximum of 2 completable per game. I'm unsure if the first is available for the female character (probably), but the homosexual or heterosexual sex scenes are available. Although, there's only gay options for a female character, not as a male character. Also, the scenes are relatively tasteful, especially compared to most media now adays, and you have no control as it is a cut scene.

Is it really so hard to not buy your immature child a Mature rated game, and then not spew vitriolic bullshit about it? - female character with Kaiden - male character with Ashley - female character with Liara - male character with Liara
    You can only complete one of these per game, as the other character will be all pissy and jealous. You can only complete these after building a relationship with each character for that matter. - female with Asari consort - male with Asari consort
    You can only attain this by selecting the 'Renegade' options, aka Dark Side or Evil.
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Child's Play   
03:34pm 11/09/2007

I've been graced with the opportunity to help with this year's charity dinner of Child's Play. 1 of 20 volunteers our of 300 potential enforcers. I'm so glad to have become a part of the enforcers this year. It's a huge family, and I love it :) Working at PAX is how it started, but it's the community that makes it all work.

Although, now I have to find something to get all prettied up in >_>
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Zombies like soda too   
07:43pm 10/28/2007
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Brain asplodes   
10:44am 08/23/2007
mood: crazy

My car is loaded up and waiting in the neighboring parking garage for when I'm done with work. Our hotel roommates got a ridiculously awesome deal at the downtown Marriott. $250 total for wed. through monday.

All my consoles and boardgames are in the car, along with a set of weekend food and clothes. Hopefully I'll get to say hi to Wil Wheaton and buy his newest book.

We have the wang shift, 9pm-3am, and plan to return at least Saturday morning for the 8am rush.

I hope poor kitties won't claw out our eyes when we return. They manage better for cons now that we have roommates too.

22,000 people preregistered? I mean, really? Unnecessary! o_0
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04:14pm 06/21/2007
  I may have forgotten to mention, but hot charcoal + foot = bad.

We've torn up all the carpet and padding from the downstairs of the house, and tonight will be sealing any cracks, filling in a hole in the concrete, and gluing down any new tack-strip that's needed.

Tomorrow will be padding, and then the weekend will be for painting/carpet.

I think we have 12 persons for moving, so that's easier on everyone and will go quickly :)
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01:07pm 05/24/2007
mood: so much hate
I don't really know what to do at this point.

Our apartment was partially flooded this weekend. The washing machine did not stop filling, and overflowed for an undetermined amount of time. We got home on Saturday and stepped onto squishy carpet. The water started in the laundry room, went through the kitchen, into the dining room and down the hall.

This is the 3rd time the washing machine has failed in this manner. The first time was immediately after having maintenance over so I was able to get the maintenance guy right back over to fix it. It worked for a while, but the 2nd time happened around 9 or 10 pm a few weeks later. I called emergency maintenance immediately, and while waiting for a call back, Bryan was able to get the machine to stop overfilling only by pulling out the water supply line. Turning off and unplugging the machine didn't stop it. I got my call back and was told "yeah, we'd rather take care of it tomorrow".

The next day, they came and looked at the machine. They decided that we had over filled the washer and water just 'splashed out', rather than continually filled. Even though they could see a load in the wash at the time that was obviously not larger than normal, ignoring the 2 detailed voicemails I left, and talking to two persons on the phone.

The bonus is when Bryan talked to someone in the office, we asked if next to time get any proper work done on it, should we just let it run? They said yes.

Once we returned home on Saturday, we contacted maintenance, moved all of our dining room furniture into the living room (dining set, baker's rack, piano), thus making it unlivable for the weekend. They brought machines to suck the water out of the carpet and vacuumed off the linoleum areas, then pulled up the carpet on the edges and left 3 large fans and 1 dehumidifier running until Monday. Pleasant.

Come Sunday morning, we found the dehumidifier was taking the water from the air, and putting it into a puddle on our kitchen floor. I left a message with the office because they didn't pick up, but also called emergency maintenance. I had the maintenance guy in my home and cleaned up the water and turned off the machine hours before I heard back from the office.

Monday, they put the carpet back down and took out all the machines and brought me a new washer.

Our renter's insurance has a deductible of $500.00, and the repairs for the piano come to $492.56. Right now I'm being told by the apartment that the repairs all need to be taken care of by my insurance, and that they probably won't do anything.

I'm just dumbfounded and appalled that they are clearly at fault and won't do anything to right the situation. I've also called NALS, which is the company that owns the apartment complex and they are telling me the same thing. Haven't received the official yay or nay back yet, but it's not hopeful.
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10:58am 05/22/2007
  Pirates, 8pm this Thursday, 180th Theater in Tukwila (across from Claim Jumpers)

We're ordering tickets tonight, let me know if y'all want in!
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Postage increase effective today!   
01:13pm 05/14/2007

Also, Settlers of Catan (or just Catan) is mucho funo. As are Xbox360s. Combine the two for optimal enjoyment.
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03:28pm 05/04/2007
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