ÜberBeth (uberbeth) wrote,


  • 12:03 The rest of my household sleeps Way too much. Maybe someone will be up by 1? Wanted real breakfast :( I should learn to eat alone #
  • 12:38 Anyone know of real coffee shops in Federal Way/ Kent that isn't a restaurant or Starbucks? Want good coffee and a place to relax & read #
  • 12:54 So much for 1pm. Maybe 2? :( So ronrryy #
  • 13:28 Omw to watch a movie alone. Social norms be damned. Maybe 4pm for awakeness. Exciting Saturday. Or depressing. #
  • 17:48 Too tired to walk around the grocery store. Glad I'm fortunate enough to have other people around to help <3 #
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